Thursday, October 24, 2013

Philomath Open Studios Tour This Weekend!

This coming weekend, and the following weekend I'll be sharing a studio in Philomath Oregon with another artist - Mike Bergen  during the Philomath Open Studios Tour (POST). We'll have our paintings, some prints and I'll also have several new little tiny canvases I've been working on which can be displayed on the wall, small easels or hung as holiday ornaments. We'll be there from noon to 5:00 Oct. 26th & 27th, then again Nov. 2nd & 3rd. Here's a link to a map showing where each artist and studio is located. Below are some of the in-progress shots of the tiny canvases I'm still working on and a few photos of some finished canvases that will be available.

These are painted with ink that's been mixed with acrylic gel medium, then spritzed with alcohol to get some cool textural effects. They're then sealed with the same gel medium. Some have brass or aluminum leaf added for a bit of glitz and shimmer. 

Come on out and visit us during this studio tour - we drove to six of the studios tonight for a "pre-tour" and there are some amazing artists, artwork and beautiful studios that are truly a treat to discover! 

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